Why Businesses Love BitBin

BitBin makes it easy to secure and manage
all your data and content.

Save Anything

From Apple phones to YouTube videos, you can backup and store any kind of data safely and securely.

Quantum Security

BitBin technology puts your data in an offline and low energy state making it 100% unavailable to anyone.


Total access control, visibility, and customized alerts about your BitBin activity at anytime.

Quantum storage makes your most precious information invisible to others.

Sleep better at night by switching your BitBin to Quantum Storage mode. Your data becomes invisible to the world and cannot be accessed until you switch it out of Quantum Storage.

Beautiful reports driven by artificial intelligence to help you make sense of your data

With data growing exponentially it can be hard to keep track of what's going on. Our state of the art machine learning algorithms organize and find patterns in data humans may not discover. When ready it chooses the most intuitive ways to report it's findings.

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